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We’ve all known SEGA for the wonderful games that they have delivered over the past few years. SEGA’s games have managed to make bank without upsetting the goodwill of the consumers. People have even gone to the extent of saying that ‘Japanese games are leading the modern gaming industry’. A floating rumor has suggested that SEGA is likely to be joining Xbox Game Studios soon, and the news was scheduled to be announced at E3 on 14th June.

Xbox Game Pass has launched in Japan today, exactly two months before the rumored announcement. A leaked E3 2020 advertisement shows both SEGA and Xbox Game Studios together under the same banner.

SEGA is scheduled to join XBOX Game Studios in June.

The scheduled release date for the announcement is 14 June 2020 during E3. Since E3 officially stands cancelled because of the COVID-19 crisis, it is likely that the announcement will take place at some online expo soon.

The slide also asks viewers to tune in for ‘exclusive premieres’, suggesting that some big announcements might be coming up. There’s a rumored new Yakuza games in the works, pics of which were revealed by the Sega Bits on Twitter. Sadly, the tweet was removed shortly after it was posted.

Like all rumors, take this with a pinch of salt till an official confirmation comes through.

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