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We’ve been seeing a lot of leaks in recent times, and it seems they really don’t stop coming. People are so desperate to hear the good news that they are poking into all manner of stuff – digging out dirty laundry that one shouldn’t really be looking at. While this has evoked a shutdown from the Team Blue, Team Green appears to be unmoved by all of the leaks about it. It seems Team Green may have a beat too much to contend with – because leaks have happened directly from their digital store itself. Remember CrossfireX, that Xbox exclusive free-to-play FPS revealed in Q4 2019? Well, it’s getting a beta pretty soon.


 The CrossfireX beta listing seems to be on the store even though an official announcement for the beta hasn’t come through. The announcement might have been scheduled for the Xbox digital event in July. The game seems to have a size of 5.88 GB (for the beta) and will pit teams from 2 to 16 players in each match against one another in visceral team-based combat. According to the description of the game, there are two main organizations in the game – Global Risk employs veterans of powerful armed forces who use advanced technologies to fight for order and security; Black List employs hardened mercenaries trained in guerilla tactics who fight to destabilize oppressive regimes in the name of freedom.

Keep calm….and wait till July for a reveal.

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