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Dying Light 2 had been one of the biggest hits of E3 2018.  Seeing Chris Avellone come back for directing a new entry in one of the best coop zombie adventure games gave us some food for thought. However, the game was delayed quite a bit earlier this year because of COVID-19. While it would still take some time for people to play the game, it definitely won’t hurt to see more gameplay footage. In fact, we might get to see a gameplay trailer sometime soon.

The Dying Light 2 Youtube channel was updated today.

The official Dying Light 2 Youtube channel had been updated today, even though a new video doesn’t show up on their playlist. This likely indicates that a video was uploaded in private mode recently (no shit, Sherlock!). What will be showcased next is anyone’s guess, but there is some evidence that it is a gameplay trailer (perhaps in 4k?). Even with the delay, the game should have reached a point where some gameplay can be shown off. There are some rumors floating that the trailer is scheduled to come out during Microsoft’s digital event, but that would mean that people would still have to wait till July to see the trailer for themselves.

Keep calm and wait till July.

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