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Former Ubisoft employee Jade Raymond has a big hand in shaping the Assassin’s Creed series as the executive producer. She later joined Electronic Arts’ Motive Studio to work on Amy Henning’s open world Star Wars game (we all know how that went), and to create a new and exciting IP .

Jade Raymond has shared some new information regarding this brand-new open world in her E3 interview with GameInformer.

“We’re trying to reinvent action-adventure games for the future, an action-adventure game that lives on and the world is dynamic, living, and breathing,” Raymond said. “We’re working on a construct where even if you might not say, ‘Okay, like Assassin’s Creed it’s got to support a box so it’s different every year,'”
Raymond added, “we’re building it so that it can support major changes that keep the experience fresh more within the construct of still staying live.” (*wink* live service *wink*)
Jade emphasized that they want to make a game which focuses exploration above combat. “One of the goals for Motive and the types of games that we’re making is games allow for relentless discovery. We want to build worlds without limits that allow for relentless discovery and experiences worth sharing. That’s our mission.”

Jade said that the game will explore sci-fi themes and it will have a lot of focus on the social aspects. She also went onto say that it’s in the early stages of development and we can expect more news next year.

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