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This was a busy week for video games. The Tokyo Games Show happened and we are swimming in video game announcements and gameplay reveals. Hence, here are the ones the reveals and releases that caught our attention the most.

#1 Repent, you blasphemer!

After a long wait, the gruesome action-platformer Blasphemous launched for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. And you know what? The wait was worth it. Featuring beautiful art style, challenging combat and rewarding exploration, Blasphemous is a must-have for all fans of the genre. We got our review copy before the launch and managed to put out a day zero review of the game, which you can read here.

#2 SHODAN is back!

The last few years have been great for the revival of dead franchises. One of the most exciting of which is System Shock. Apart from the remake of the first game by Nightdive, the industry veterans at Otherside have been working on System Shock 3 for a while now. If someone were to tell me 5 years ago that we’d get an official sequel to SS2, I’d laugh in their face. But times have changed. The developers have released footage from an alpha version to the public and honestly, it looks pretty good. The short 1+ minute teaser serves to present the upcoming immersive sim’s visual style, the setting and tone and everyone’s favourite AI menace, SHODAN.

#3 Spiders playing catch-up to piranha

We don’t mean actual spiders and piranhas. Spiders, the French studio known for making enjoyable yet technically flawed games released their latest RPG, GreedFall. From the few hours I’ve played, it seems like a very decent game, far better than their early titles and reminds me a lot of Piranha Bytes RPGs. GreedFall is a bit rough around the edges but is highly enjoyable when you get to the thick of things. People expecting Dragon Age or Witcher level of polish from a AA studio are stupid indeed.

#4 Borderlands 3 brings back gunporn

After 7 years, the Borderlands franchise has received a full-on sequel in the form of Borderlands 3. While we couldn’t put out a day 1 review, rest assured that we’re working on it hard. Anyone can write a rushed review. But for a game like Borderlands, it takes a lot of hours put in to form a comprehensive verdict. From what we’ve played so far, BL3 seems like an improved version of its predecessor and could be just what the fans needed. The shooting is punchy, the visuals are still awesome, there is the hallmark teenage humour and there is a buttload of guns.

#5 TGS 2019

We have covered some of the big reveals from the Tokyo Game Show 2019 extensively. Hence, I’ll just put the links of the articles in order to save myself some time and effort.

There’s also a gameplay demo that you can watch below:




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