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Nioh 2

The long-awaited sequel to Nioh originally debuted in a small teaser at E3 2018. With only a minute of footage, the only thing known was that Team Ninja was hard at work on the game. Team Ninja, the genius development team behind the legendary Ninja Gaiden action game, created a spiritual successor with Dark Souls elements. Dubbed Nioh, this samurai-esque title took historical figure William Adams on a journey through Japan. Facing off against Japan’s mythical beasts, the game sported spectacular boss designs and combat with a beautiful, oriental setting. Now in 2019, Nioh 2 makes its latest trailer known to the world.

What is Nioh?

Created by Team Ninja, Nioh is an Action/Adventure video game set in feudal Japan. Mixing Japanese mythology and history, the game’s setting features a number of historical figures. Among them include Tokugawa Ieyasu, Hanzo Hattori, William Adams, Edward Kelley, and more. As a western samurai, William sets off to Japan to defeat the alchemist – Edward Kelley – who stole his guardian spirit.

Nioh 2

There’s much more to the story including a conspiracy plot revealed after the initial ending. You’ll battle your way through beasts, samurai, alchemists, and more. Taking place in a feudal war setting, you’ll find war taking place all around you.

The gameplay takes many cues from Dark Souls, featuring similar combat, weapon selection, and armor customization. Additionally, the game takes place in individual missions as opposed to an overworld. However, just like in Souls titles, you can summon allies for help in co-op play!

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What’s new in Nioh 2.

Unlike its predecessor, Nioh 2 will feature character customization. Therefore, you can design a man or a woman with various facial and physical features. Note that KoeiTecmo released a closed alpha earlier this year. While the alpha is long finished, players kept track of the new additions featured in the game.

One of the new features comes from the use of your spirits. In Nioh, you used them to boost your stats or summon them to attack. Utilizing Yokai will allow you to boost your weapons and even use Yokai skills as well. Plus, the trailer showcases some fresh faces in both characters and boss battles of Japanese folklore. Finally, you can find a list of new game additions on r/Nioh here.

Nioh 2

Check out 10 minutes of gameplay footage at TGS below.

Nioh 2 will come to PlayStation 4 in 2020. Keep up to date with IndianNoob for the latest updates! Finally, you can see more at KoeiTecmo’s official Twitter account!

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