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All Chapters of Tell Me Why are Free to Claim on Microsoft Store

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The multi-award-winning game Tell Me Why is free to claim on Microsoft Store. Instead of just the first episode, you can now claim all three episodes for free.

Apart from the fact that the game is available on the Xbox Game Pass, you can claim and keep all the episodes of the game in your Microsoft Store Library.

All you have to do is –
1. Head to the game page here.

2. Click on the Claim button.

3. Login if required, and then you’re done!

4. Open Microsoft Store from your Windows Computer and Install

Tell me why is an emotional rollercoaster about twins who set out to discover the truth about their past that still brings them back for closure. The game has won many awards, and is made by the creators of Life is Strange, i.e. Dontnod Studios.

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