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Experience the Renaissance period in the Python-esque point and click adventure, The Procession To Calvary at a 10% discount for one week

Joe Richardson, the mind behind the critically acclaimed Four Last Things today releases his new point-and-click adventure set in the Renaissance period, The Procession To Calvary. Explore the arts of esteemed artists such as Botticelli, Michelangelo and more in a tongue in cheek look at times past while on a grand exploration to find Heavenly Peter.

Set to a stunning classical soundtrack, The Procession To Calvary is a stand-alone game to its previous entry Four Last Things, however is set in the same world to ensure a consistency that fans have come to relish. Experience the articulate worlds while solving a set of puzzles that may blow your mind. Equipped with a sword, be careful who you use it on, as it may have dire consequences on your path of achieving your goal however under certain circumstances it might be your only option.

“Making The Procession to Calvary was like spending an afternoon in an art gallery, listening to Rachmaninov on my mp3 player. Except I was trapped in there for 2 long years and I also had a pair of scissors…” said Joe Richardson, creator of both Four Last Things and The Procession To Calvary.

“Marcin, our art director, has been following the game for a while now. When he saw that Joe needed help, he asked me if there is anything we could do with SUPERHOT PRESENTS. Since the entire goal of SUPERHOT PRESENTS is to support independent developers with slightly weird games, and we operate a strict YOLO policy, we, of course, said yes. I tweeted Joe (as all-important business should be done on Twitter), we made a slack channel, grabbed our friends at Neon Hive, and made it work! We aren’t taking a rev share from the game since we game in so late, but do get our logo in the game which feels like a big success to me!”, said Callum Underwood.

“I strongly feel that for the longest time, videogames needed two niches filled. One was red, crystalline people; second: renaissance paintings wrestling. I can gladly focus on one, knowing that the other is masterfully filled by Joe.” said Marcin, Art Director of SUPERHOT.

The Procession To Calvary is available now for £7.99/$9.99/EUR8.99, with a 10% discount until 16th April.

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