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Yes, so lets get it out of the way. I have a certain bias towards Far Cry 4. Why, you ask?:
1) The game is set in the Himalayas, and a lot of people in the game are going to be speaking Hindi.
2) The protaganist of the game is an Indian (or of Indian origins at least).
3) You get to drive an auto-rickshaw in the game.

For an Indian gamer, who freaked out when IGN announced an Indian sister site, you can imagine how much fun watching that Far Cry 4 trailer was. You don’t believe me, check out the reveal trailer below and tell me the Indian in you isn’t acting up.


As far as the Far Cry franchise goes. The games replaces the tropical sun and sand with the hilly winds and snow. A new color palette, a new protagonist (did I say he has an Indian name), and an new antagonist. This is exactly the right kind of its the same old stuff with a bit of new thrown in that IndianNoob likes.

Far Cry has always been the game which depends on its visuals to impress, and Far Cry 4 does not dissapoint. The gameplay trailer which has you fly foxing across deep valleys is just plain beautiful. The snow capped maountains, the dry cold vegetation, the cold hard sunlight, you can almost feel it. Apart from that I don’t think it would differ big time from Far Cry 3 in gameplay mechanics, but to be fair Far Cry 3 did a good enough job in that department. You can check out the gameplay trailer shown off during the PlayStation conference below:


The game-play was not the only feature on display at the PlayStation conference. Far Cry 4 on the PlayStation 4 will have an interesting feature. If you own a copy of Far Cry 4, and are a PlayStation Plus member, then you can play the co-op campaign with friends who don’t even own the game. Yes, each copy of the game will come with 10 codes, that you can share with your friends and they play the game with you on a trial basis.

What impressed me the most about Far Cry 4 was its villain. I could almost see them going into the Dark knight territory (the Joker anyone). In FPS games like Far Cry 4, a lot of people find it difficult to relate to the hero. You never see his face, seldom hear his voice and almost always know that you are going to make it. Pagan Min (the kingpin of the Himalayas) just like Vaas before him, aims to provide gamers an interesting character to pin their expectations to. Not everyone can create FPS heroes like Master Chief (established across multiple games), so Ubisoft are trying to do the next best thing and make interesting villians.

Far Cry 4 for me was the best game at E3 this year. It looked a complete game, in which you can loose hours into. As I have said before I might be a little biased because of the Indian setting of the game, but I like the direction of where Far Cry is taking us. Good game-play, awesome visuals and unpredictable villains. This is the future my friend.

Far Cry 4 releases on November 18, 2014 in America and Europe and will be available on all consoles imaginable.

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