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The outbreak of COVID-19 has hit the gaming world by storm. We’ve seen the cancellation of the GDC 2020 – one of the premier gaming conferences for game developers. The increased curiosity about the coronavirus has also had some weird outcomes, like the increase in the number of players for Plague Inc – a game about infecting the whole world with some deadly disease. That didn’t go down well with the Chinese government, so now Plague Inc. is officially removed from the Chinese Steam store.

The ban follows the removal of the game from the App store in China. This happens after Plague Inc. overtook Minecraft to become the top paid app on the App store. The ban comes a month after an official word from the devs suggesting not to depend on the game for proper ‘scientific evidence’.

Ndemic Creations, the developers of the game, has issued an official statement regarding the ban, which can be found here.

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