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Monster Hunter World has had some of the best (and weirdest collaborations) till date. They had teamed up with Final Fantasy XIV to allow players to hunt the powerful Behemoth, while also granting special armor for your Palico. The Megaman crossover literally changed the Palico into Megaman, while also introducing special Megaman sound effects for weapons. The Devil May Cry crossover saw Dante’s signature weapons being introduced to the Hunters in the New World, while a newly announced crossover with the Witcher 3 promises an overhaul of the questing system and actually introduces Geralt of Rivia to the New World. Now add another crossover event to the pile of content already added by Capcom to make the game enjoyable for players – prepare to don the robes of the legendary Assassins from Assassins Creed and take down unwary monsters in a sneaky peaky style.

Get the Assassin’s Hood mantle, which boosts walking, running or climbing speed after crouching. Don the Bayek layered armor, or the Ezio mantle, dressing in the hoods of two legendary assassins of the past. Also get to add the Senu’s Feather to your trophy collection by hunting a number of fierce monsters coming to the New World with the crossover.

The event is live on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and will be available on the PC at a later date.

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