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Destiny 2 does a lot better job at public events than its predecessors. All the locations where a public event can happen is marked on your map. It also shows a countdown of how long before an event is activated, and the rewards are also dropped as soon as the event is over.

So its not a surprise that Destiny 2 take public events a notch above and also introduced Heroic Events. Which are essentially a tougher but a more rewarding version of a public event which is unlocked when you satisfy certain conditions in each type of event. As expected the loot drops from Heroic events is way better than normal public events, and it also has an achievement/trophy tied up with it. So let’s look how you can activate and complete every possible Heroic Event in Destiny 2.

Injection Rig Heroic Public Event

Start out by killing a Psion, and then shoot a vent at the top of the rig. Although you’ll be taking damage, be sure to destroy it. Kill the next Psion and destroy another vent located in the middle of the rig. Kill a third Psion and then destroy the vent that becomes exposed at the bottom of the rig. You may need to run around the middle in order to see which part of it has opened up to take damage. This process will cause a boss, Infiltrator Valus, to spawn, whom you’ll need to defeat.

Destroy The Arsenal Walker Heroic Public Event

The goal here is to obtain the three Scorch Cannons surrounding the area, each of which is encased in a dome. As usual when dealing with a walker, attack one of its legs until it collapses. This will cause it to drop three Arc Charges, which you’ll then need to carry to one of the domes containing a Scorch Cannon. The dome will have a place to deposit the Arc Charge, and you’ll need to bring a total of two to each dome to get your hands on the weapon. Eventually, a second walker will be deployed, and you’ll have to defeat both of them to finish.

Glimmer Extraction Heroic Public Event

At each of the sites throughout the event, there is a device that is extracting Glimmer. Destroy each of these before eliminating all of the nearby enemies. Then, at the final site, you’ll have to guard a pile of Glimmer while standing in a designated area to complete a transmat process. Stay in the area as much as possible, as the transmat has to finish before time runs out.

Cabal Excavation Heroic Public Event

Stand near the drill to make progress, and eventually a Cabal Thresher ship will fly in nearby. Do everything you can to quickly destroy it, as it only sticks around for a limited time. If you manage to do so, a Centurion boss will spawn who needs to be defeated to complete the Heroic.

Witches’ Ritual Heroic Public Event

Start out by killing a pair of Wizards while standing on the designated circles on the ground. At this point, you’ll need to stand on one of the circles and destroy two shards–one is above and to the left of the big portal that enemies are coming through, and the other is above and to the right. This will cause a Hive Knight boss to spawn in; defeat him, and you’re all done.

Ether Resupply Heroic Public Event

Before taking out the giant Servitor, quickly kill all of the smaller ones around the area. Once they’ve been dealt with, the main enemy becomes more challenging. Defeat it and you’re done.

Taken Blight Heroic Public Event

The initial goal here is to destroy the giant Blight ball, which is immune to regular damage. In order to hurt it, you’ll need to obtain the Blight Receding buff by going into the nearby Blight-infested area. Step back outside with the buff and deal as much damage as you can to the big Blight ball. Once you’ve destroyed it, the Blightmaker boss spawns in, and you’ll have to defeat it to complete the Heroic.

Spire Integration Heroic Public Event

In addition to protecting the main conduit, players have to go around and stand on nearby pads. There are three in total that need to be captured, and once that’s done, a Hydra will spawn in that needs to be defeated.

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