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Is an oath worth the weight of a crown?

Obsidian Entertainment announced their new IP – a first-person high-fantasy RPG called Avowed at the Xbox Games Showcase. Avowed is set in the world of Eora – the setting of the isometric cRPG Pillars Of Eternity games. The cinematic trailer does not show much except for expansive battlefields, melee and ranged combat, undead hordes, dungeons and spell-casting (wait, was that a dragon at the end?). A few days back we had reported a rumour about this game and posted a few leaked artwork – looks like we were right since we did catch a glimpse of the cursed Infantry model in the trailer! No release date was announced during the reveal.

Did the game give you major Skyrim vibes too? Check out more of our reports on the Xbox Games Showcase right here on Gameffine!

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