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In their latest Direct video, Nintendo showcased more details about their upcoming fighter, ARMS for the Nintendo Switch. New details include:

  1. An In-depth Look At The Gameplay Mechanics:

ARMS takes a unique twist on the basic boxing formula of “punch, block and dodge” with its many equipabble gauntlets that each vary in size, speed, weight, type and attributes, resulting in potentially dozens of combos for a pair of arms. ARMS can also be upgraded via in-game currency to increase their power.

2. A Huge Variety Of Gameplay Modes:

Nintendo really don’t seem to be holding back with this one; there are many way for players to enjoy ARMS: Grand Prix is the go-to place for single player (or 2 player if you wish to co-op) while Versus mode is all about co-op play with friends (upto 4 players) and has many different modes – Fight, Team Fight, V-Ball, Hoops, Skillshot, 1-on-100, plus a practice mode called ARMS Test & Training. Online multiplayer provides Party Match (with 10 players in each lobby, which can double to 20 players with a Joycon Controller each), Ranked Match (1v1 mode) and Local Wireless Mode (upto 8 players). Whew, that’s a lot of options.

3. New Characters:

3 new fighters were announced – Twintelle, Byte & Barq and Kid Cobra – bringing the total roster to 10 playable characters (others include Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Master Mummy, Ninjara, Mechanica, Helix and Min Min).The cast is quite diverse and Twintelle has already become a fan favorite. Of course each character has their own unique ability, like Master Mummy’s health regeneration (when blocking) or Ribbon Girl’s ability to jump in mid-air, in addition to movement and attack speed.

4. Free Updates:

Nintendo will continue to support the game after its launch by releasing new characters, new stages and new ARMS, all for free via updates.

5. ARMS Global Testpunch:

An online demo event will also be held during the following dates.  The demo is available for pre-downlaod right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

As a bonus, a story trailer for Splatoon 2 was also shown off during the Direct. It features far more ambitious level design than the original, a more fleshed out story, more weapons and more inky fun.

This Direct’s fantastic and upbeat presentation has proved successful in erasing most people’s fear that the game would be lacking in content at launch. Nintendo seems to have learnt from their mistakes with the Splatoon launch on Wii U (as the final game was criticized for being quite barren). The game is set to release in June of this year.

You can watch the Direct below:

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