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Remember the first global community bounty Techland held, where you have to smash off about 5 million zombies. Yes! I’m talking about that one which results the death of 1,81,66,973 zombies.

All things considered, Techland is hosting another community bounty for Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition.

The bounty will require you to team up to try collectively kill 25,00,000 Volatiles- the game’s most fearsome enemies that appear only at night.

Achieving the challenge within the time limit will reward you with an exclusive outfit for Kyle Crane. Even if you failed to do so, Techland will give all participants a special weapon docket.

“We wanted to give players more opportunities to kill Volatiles,” explains Producer, Tymon.Smektała. “We’re making the night in the game twice as long during the event, so it’s easier to reach the goal. It might be harder to survive, though!”

Watch the community bounty trailer below:

And as usual, all players can get the track of their scores through a countdown timer here.

The community bounty begins next week on May 13, 12:00pm PST and concludes on May 15 10:00pm PST.

All players across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can take part.

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