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Apex Legends has made big claims on its upcoming update for the PC and console while confirming the Titanfall crossover. Respawn also claims it will be the biggest update ever shipped for Apex Legends. And if this wasn’t enough, a new 8 minute animated film was released by Riot that has all of us blown away.

Apex Legend Stories from the Outlands will be making its way on May 4, which features our upcoming legend in the game ‘Valkyrie’. In the game Titanfall 2, we encounter Viper in a boss fight who seems to be Valkyrie’s dad, and after a brutal fight, we shoot Viper to his death. In the story trailer, we see her daughter seeking revenge on Blisk, blaming him for his death. But after a conversation with him, Valkyrie realizes that her father fought for something big, and being a Pilot means something even bigger to her. In the end, we see her converting the Northstar into a kit that she might be using in the Apex Battlefield. Will this be a kit for more weaponry or will this allow valkyrie to gain height and use the vertical advantage of the battlefield? It will all be revealed soon with the next update, which is said to be the biggest update in Apex Legends that is set to bring the Titanfall lore with it.

P.S. – Remember Viper saying “Voodoo 1, viper’s on station. Your journey ends here pilot, the skies belong to me. Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide.”. Now imagine if Valkyrie unleashes her ultimate with something similar? #Valkyrie


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