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Apex Legends Mobile is now coming to life, with its regional beta testing beginning as early as Spring 2021 in India and Indonesia. This version of Apex Legends will be the most advanced battle royale for mobile and will not have cross-play with PC or Console.

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay

Apex Legends mobile will have its own dedicated team at Respawn, who have expertise in mobile game development. This dedicated version of Apex Legends is set to have its own Battlepass and unique cosmetics that are separate from those on the PC and console version. It is also worth noting that there will no crossplay, this means it will be a relief for both players on each platform. We personally believe the game can grow better in itself and with its own playerbase competing against each other. The regional beta testing will begin in Spring 2021 starting with India and the Philippines with over a few thousand selected players. After each succession of testing, the player base, as well as the regions will be expanded. The game, however, is only available for Andriod at the start, but will eventually include the iOS version in the upcoming test sessions. And at last, yes the game will be free to play just like the PC version but will include paid cosmetics.

If you are interested in joining the beta test yourself, then there is some good news! In the official blog it is stated that “When we’re ready to go broader, we’ll launch a page that allows you to pre-register for the game and sign up for news about the betas.”. So keep an eye on the page or at Gameffine, we’ll make sure you get to it first. Also, check out the upcoming Legend Valkyrie here!

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