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We’ve been waiting for quite some time for playing the next Batman game. The Arkham games are some of the best superhero games in the industry (or so the players say). The only bad thing about the series is that it kind of fell flat after Arkham Knight – leaving people craving for more. Rumors have been rife about a new Batman game coming this year – and it seems new information about the same will be dropping soon.

The exact question about the new Batman game was ‘when?’ Leaks had suggested time and again that WB was aiming for a reveal at the DC Fandom event (there are countless other reveals, including a Harry Potter RPG to be excited about). A tweet from WB Games Montreal seems to have dropped a teaser on the reveal – making Twitterati go wild over it.

It seems WB games isn’t the only one who’s excited about an info dump on the new Batman game. The official Fandom page has taken care to tweet that an official reveal will happen today at 8 AM PT (or 8:30 PM IST). Exactly what will be revealed is anyone’s guess – but a teaser trailer with some information on the release date could work wonders with the folk excited for Batman to return.

Keep calm and wait for Batman’s imminent ‘comeback’!


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