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A bizarre teaser from the Bayonetta official Steam page has left a lot of speculation. A picture of a sheep, followed by the words ‘Baa’ have been officially released, with no other hints about what it means. This fuels the rumor that this might be the teaser for a PC port of Catherine.

                   In Catherine, sheep play an extremely important role. Stray Sheep bar is an important location in the game, while sheep are used to indicate all other male characters besides Vincent, the protagonist.

                                                There are rumors about the leak being related more to Bayonetta because of the words “Baa”, but that doesn’t make sense since that does not explain the significance of the picture of the sheep in any way.

                                                                                          If the rumors about this weird teaser pointing towards for a PC port of Catherine is true, there is every possibility of the Persona games coming to the PC. However, the platform for release for the Persona games remains a mystery, as a rumor points to a likely release for the PC ports of the games on the Epic store instead.

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