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In a interview of the core team at Atlus who created the Persona games we know and love, Kazuhisa Wada, a member of the 2nd creative department who actively worked on Persona says that he is looking forward to 2019 as the year of the success of the digital wallets, and that the ‘flow of environment change is getting faster’, citing Epic Games as an example for his statement.

                    While the statement may not mean much, but it does hint that Atlus might be eyeing Epic Games for a prospective deal in the future, and may already be in talks regarding the same. This, in turn, implies that a PC port for the popular Persona series might be in development. An announcement regarding the same, if any, is likely to be made anytime in 2019.

                                                                          Atlus’ past ventures on the PC hadn’t paid off well, which was likely why the studio avoided a PC port for the Persona series so far. But the success of the latest title in the series, Persona 5, seems to have attracted quite some eyes from the PC folks, who want the complete experience on PC (and without the trouble of an emulator). Epic Games’ increased cut for developers publishing on the platform, and taking up the cost for promotion through streamers and content creators upto a year from the date of launch may have prompted some decisions from the higher ups at Atlus.

                  Note that this is pure speculation, and it is always wise to wait and watch before getting excited about something that might not materialize at all.

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