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COVID-19 may have pressured people to cancel all gatherings, but that does not mean that people have to stay put. Major conferences like GDC, E3, and Gamescom have been canceled. All developers chose to reveal their games online through digital conferences from the comfort of their homes. There was quite a bit of speculation about the actual dates for these conferences, and it looks like we may finally be able to get the date for one of them – possibly the biggest one. Yeah, Xbox has officially announced the date for all game reveals from their developer partners.

After almost a month of speculation, the Xbox digital event is finally here. The official date for the reveal is 7th May.

It is worthy to note that the actual date for the digital event is fairly close to the leaked date of 5th May (thanks Klobrille. According to industry insider Shinobi062, the 7th May event consists of reveals mainly from third-party developers. Those excited for seeing more details about Halo Infinite or for seeing the new Fable would have to wait till June.

This also means that an official reveal for the new Xbox console is in order, though it isn’t apparent. It hasn’t been made clear whether this will be a Mixer-exclusive event or not.

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