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As is the tradition, Ubisoft has released a teaser trailer for their main game at E3 2016. Which this year is going to be Watch Dogs 2. You can check out the teaser below:

The teaser trailer is not a lot to go by. But the rumor mills suggest that the game will be set in San Fransisco; it stars a black hacker named Marcus, and we’re expecting it for PS4/XB1/PC this fall.

If you are looking for a more official and trusted source then you can check out Ubisoft reveal of Watch Dogs 2 on their live stream on June 8th at 9:30 PM IST (June 8th at 9:00 AM PDT).

Check out Ubisoft live stream for Watch Dogs 2 reveal.

Ubisoft has also stated that Watch Dogs 2 will be at this year’s E3, so we will get more information about the game next week during Ubisoft’s press conference on Monday, June 13, at 1 PM PT (Also read: E3 2016 schedule in IST). The game is due out by the end of March 2017, but other than that, Ubisoft has shared few details about it.

The original Watch Dogs had lukewarm reception from the general public. While it was a decent game, gamers had complained of its graphical downgrade. With Assassin’s Creed giving 2016 a miss, Watch Dogs 2 looks like the flagship franchise for the company this year. Are you excited?

  1. I will be seen covering this goddamn game!, unless I have my studies to follow…anyways..Super excited for this one!

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