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Important note: The press conference timing on the E3 2016 official websites are way off. EA and Bethesda are spaced at 18 minutes apart which is incorrect (Times have been checked and re-checked with Gamingblend, IGN and Polygon). We would like to thank Salil Sharma and Nishanth Chowdary for pointing out the mistakes. The times have been corrected below.

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So the month of June is upon us, and you know what that mean right. E3 is here. Every Electronic Entertainment Expo, brings some new games, and some boss level hype which tends to last for years on end. The Last Guardian, Witcher 3, Watchdogs, No Man’s Sky; every one of these games were first seen at E3 and turned into stories which myths are made of. E3 is also a time of speculations, where every one who is worth their gamescore specualtes what’s going to happen each summer, and that in itself is a tremendous drinking game. But most importantly E3 is about the press conferences, the ohh-so-sweet press conferences where Microsoft, Sony, EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft and Nintendo come out to greet their fans and give them something more to drool over for the next year.

Some highlights expected from this year event:

  1. Bethesda returning for their 2nd press conference at E3.
  2. Nintendo returning to a proper press conference, diverting from their Nintendo Direct approach.
  3. Chances of Xbox Scorpio and PS Neo being announced.

But where can you watch these events? Thanks to the internet, you can catch most of the live feed online. But when? That’s where we come in. Not only does this article cover when and where each E3 conference is happening, it will also give you the links to watch them and the start times of each conference in IST. In time we will link these entries to their individual post, where you can watch the stream and read what you think about it too. So without further delay lets get this show on the road.

T.B.A: The shows will be streamed LIVE, links will be added when stream is available.

Press Conference
Time (PDT) Time (IST) Links
EA Press Conference  June 12 2016 1:00 PM June 13 2016 1:30 AM EA play
 Bethesda Press Conference  June 12 2016 7:00 PM June 13 2016 7:30 AM Twitch
 Microsoft Press Conference  June 13 2016 9:30 AM June 13 2016 10:00PM Xbox @ E3 || Youtube
 PC Gaming Show  June 13 2016 11:00 PM June 14 2016 11:30PM Website
 Ubisoft Press Conference  June 13 2016 1:00 PM June 14 2016 2:00 AM TBA
 Sony Press Conference  June 13 2016 6:00 PM June 14 2016 6:30 AM Youtube
 Nintendo Press Conference  June 14 2016 9:00 AM June 14 2016 9:30 PM TBA

So go ahead and bookmark this page, and don’t forget to add the dates and times for your favorite conference in your calendars.

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