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There doesn’t seem to be any end to the bad news for the organizers at GDC 2020. COVID-19 has triggered a scare across the USA, with several cities like San Francisco declaring an emergency. The list of companies pulling out because of the health risks are never ending, and have now extended to include Microsoft. Microsoft has officially stated that they will be streaming their announcements online here.

Microsoft’s online conference does seem pretty loaded, with cloud gaming, next-gen hardware and game streaming being keywords. The announcements would also focus on what Xbox Game Studios is working on next, as well as Double Fine, inXile, Compulsion, Rare, Obsidian, and Undead Labs (all of whom operate under Microsoft now).

GDC 2020 has not been officially cancelled, though attendees have little reason to stay with all major companies pulling out. The only ray of hope is that everyone gets to see the announcements live without having to wait for media coverage of the same.

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