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Baldur’s Gate III, Larian’s turn-based take on the legendary Bioware IP was originally set to hit Steam Early Access this month. However, it seems like the pandemic has also affected the Belgium-based studio as they announced that the game has been delayed.

But Larian has assured that the release is still just around the corner and that the new release date, as well as some big news on the Panel From Hell alongside Geoff Keighley on August 18.

Baldur’s Gate is the seminal Infinity Engine CRPG that launched Bioware into the limelight over two decades ago. Based on the 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons, Baldur’s Gate is remembered for breathing new life into the stagnating RPG scene of the late ’90s and influenced generations to come.

Since the conclusion of the Bhaalspawn trilogy, plans were made by now-defunct Black Isle studios to make Baldur’s Gate III: The Black Hound, but that fell through when Black Isle shut its doors. There were talks of Beamdog, who remastered Infinity Engine RPGs wanting to work on a sequel after releasing an expansion titled ‘Siege of Dragonspear’ for the original Baldur’s Gate. But nothing came of it either.

Larian’s Baldur’s Gate III is said to be the company’s most biggest and ambitious undertaking to date and we’re certain that the team who made the highly acclaimed Divinity series (especially Original Sin 2) has what it takes to do justice to the legendary series.

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