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Xenonauts 2, the deep tactical alien defense game, inspired from the original X-Com has been in development for quite a while now. The developer Goldhawk Interactive entered the title into Kickstarter, asking for asking for £50,000 to add some finishing touches to the game.

 We reported last month that the game had been fully funded within 12 hrs on Kickstarter. Last Friday, the Kickstarter had come to a close having collected a grand total of £191,057 from 6,826 backers, which amounts to almost 400% of the initial target.

This meant that Xenonauts 2 reached the five stretch goals the studio set out as incentives, including modular weapons, Geoscape ‘Situations’, locational injuries, a MARS weapon platform and sentry guns, and an additional community edition and modding support.

The community edition and modding support had been set as a £200,000 stretch goal, but when the campaign wrapped up, Goldhawk wrote in an update on Kickstarter, the team wanted to show their gratitude by unlocking the next goal as well.

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