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Nightdive Studios‘ upcoming System Shock remake had been put on hiatus earlier this year due to the change in direction midway through development. What started as a faithful remake to the original in Unity changed to a Unreal powered game with a more grounded art style and direction causing resentment among fans. But now, the April Update for System Shock remake reveals that its going back to the roots of the original and will be similar to the unity demo they presented two years ago. The studio had this to say;

“We had a brief respite, and took the time necessary to make some tough decisions which included saying goodbye to some of the developers that you’ve come to know through past updates. What we’re left with is a concentrated team that consists of the original developers who worked on the Unity demo. 

It means we’ve gone back to the original vision we shared with you at the start of our Kickstarter campaign – this time with more reliable performance and higher fidelity visuals thanks to the Unreal Engine.

While the game is not being started over, Nightdive is focusing on changing the art style and tone of the current version to resemble the original. This news is sure to appease the backers and die-hard fans of Looking Glass’ seminal title from 1994 who had been no doubt disappointed with the direction the remake was going for.

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