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Azeroth is a race consisting of several races, the more powerful among them being the humans, orcs, undead and the night elves. Sometimes, not all of them can leave peacefully together. Yes, World of Warcraft is back, with an unique twist. With a focus on going back in time to the times when the Human Alliance and the Orc Horde clashed in big battles, fighting on till the bitter end, and a bit of nostalgia for hardcore World of Warcraft fans, considering that Classic servers are coming back.

Battle for Azeroth signals the starting of a new war between bandit queen Sylvanas Windrunner, the leader of the Horde, and King Anduin Wrynn, the leader of the Alliance. The battle rages on fiercely, with the humans in advantage, till Sylvanas takes the main field, takes out a majority of the enemy, urges the orcs to fight on. With the orcs at an advantage, and with many of his people slain, Anduin throws down his sword and calls upon the Light to restore them to life, and urges them to fight the orcs, for the victory of the Alliance.

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Battle for Azeroth adds two new continents, called Kul Tiras, a former Alliance kingdom, forgotten in the aftermath of the wars, and Zandalar, an ancient kingdom whose power is sought by the Horde. All of this comes with new dungeons and raids, as well as the ability to fight unknown creatures and conquer the riches of vast swathes of unexplored territory. Get to dominate warfronts, and actually be in the heat of battle. And get ready to fight besides other races with the same interests, because both the Horde and the Alliance now have interesting new Allied races.

Check out the trailer here :

Let the battle, begin!

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