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One of the biggest gaming event in Kolkata is about to take place on the 10th of March 2017 at Computer World (A unit of KRG Computers Pvt. Ltd), 1, Chandni Chowk Street, Shop No: 16A, Kolkata – 7000072 . The event is open to all and gamers from all over Kolkata are invited for the same. Players will be able to experience games like Need For Speed, Quantum Break, Assassins Creed: Origns, to name a few, in full glory as powerful PCs powered by XRIG will be hosting the games. The event also feature FIFA 18 knockout tournaments, Tekken 7 knockout tournament, and Need for Speed Time Challenge, and the winners will get exciting goodies! That’s not all, during the event, all gaming products will have slashed prices too!

The Geek Fiesta 1.0 was announced to celebrate the launch of the Gaming Experience Zone at KRGkart’s offline outlet. In their store, KRGkart is the first one to open such a thing like this where gamers can come in and experience and if they like any product they can get it from their counter itself. KRGkart will be organizing events like these every month! So, gamers from Kolkata, if you are interested in seeing the PCMR in its full glory and at the same time experience some games and win some goodies, or, get some gaming products at a cheaper price then, head on to Computer World tomorrow! Meet you all at Geek Fiesta 1.0!

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