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Gamescom will be held exactly one month from now and fans who had already bought tickets of the show might regret on this one (including us). The two giant console manufacturers announced that they are not holding any press conferences at Gamescom next month in Cologne.

Both the biggies have had a BANG at E3 but it looks like they both don’t have plans for Gamescom. However, they do have their own excuses on why they aren’t going to held any press briefings and here are they:

Sony’s Excuse:

While Sony hasn’t openly announced they’re skipping this year’s Gamescom, they did give us a little hint about it earlier.

During the overcrowded (and AWESOME) month of E3 2016, PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan spoke to VG247. On asking where Sony will be hosting this year’s European press conference, he replied: ” It’s not decided. It’s a tough one to call. It’s a balancing act between timing, availability of software, announcements to be made. We’ve had a long history of enjoying Gamescom, we went to Paris last year and really enjoyed that with such an iconic venue. So plans are still afoot.”

According to a French site Jeux Video, a PlayStation France representative confirmed that “there will be no PlayStation conference at Gamescom.”

They also – for the first time – didn’t held any press briefings last year and they’re now following the same footsteps. So much so that Sony chooses not to be in a row for second consecutive time and instead they’re hosting a conference at Paris Games Week later this October.

Microsoft’s Excuse:

Whilst Microsoft, who held a Gamescom press conference last year, won’t be hosting any briefings this year.

Their excuse is that they’re “planning a new and more intimate Xbox FanFest experience for our fans across Europe and worldwide attending gamescom 2016” where fans have the opportunity to go hands-on with titles such as Gears of War 4, ReCore, Forza Horizon 3 and more.

There are also few ID@Xbox titles playable including We Happy Few , Everspace and Cuphead.

Though these giants aren’t hosting any briefings, their titles will be present on the show floor, so there’s something better than nothing.

Gamescom is scheduled to begin from  August 17.

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