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Valorant is undoubtedly one of the hottest upcoming titles, already gathering the highest number of viewers on Twitch even before launch. Formerly known as Project A, the upcoming competitive first-person shooter has already been discovered to be supporting Mobile controls. That’s right- Valorant Mobile might be in the works.

A user on Reddit has apparently discovered a Mobile controls layout on running the game in Tablet mode:

Valorant Mobile

Valorant is Tablet Compatible!?
byu/Spacixr inVALORANT

Even if that may not be very credible, some people have even dug deep into the game’s files and discovered mobile control icons.

Valorant Mobile

It makes perfect sense for Riot Games to be finding their way to a bigger audience, so I’d say we can expect a Mobile port announcement soon after the PC launch, which is supposed to be next month.

While a game like Valorant might seem a bit too complex to play on a mobile device, that’s exactly what everyone felt when rumors about a mobile port of PUBG started spreading. Looking at PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile, I think a mobile version of Valorant could also possibly do well.

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