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Until Dawn’s prequel The Inpatient gets a release date and trailer

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Sony has released a new trailer for Supermassive’s upcoming horror game The Inpatient, which is a PSVR prequel to 2015’s well-received interactive survivor horror game, Until Dawn.

The trailer, which you can see above, shows off some details of the game’s setting, Blackwood Sanatorium, and also reveals the game’s release date, November 21.

The Inpatient is set 60 years before Until Dawn and “it’s an entirely standalone title with a brand new story and cast of characters to meet,” so you won’t have to play Until Dawn to get most of it, according to Supermassive.

“Over the course of the game you’ll meet a variety of interesting patients and staff, each with their own motivations and agendas,” reads the game’s description. “How you react to these characters and the choices you make will have profound and dramatic consequences for how the story unfolds.”

The Inpatient releases November 21 on PS4 and PSVR.

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