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Halo Infinite just had one of the worst possible reveals for a next-gen Xbox game. The graphics seen in the trailer were seriously underwhelming, looking like there was barely any improvement over Halo 5. Microsoft had released a statement addressing the disappointment of the fans in an official blog post – though it does little to quell the dumpster fire of a presentation. There have been a few exciting news though – it seems that the game’s multiplayer will be free-to-play for everyone. A recent ‘leak’ drops some more hints into the content provided in the multiplayer mode.

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The Japanese Xbox site officially mentions the genre of the game to be a ‘battle royale shooter’ instead of a normal ‘shooter’. This seems weird because previous leaks had confirmed that Halo Infinite was a more open-ended shooting game based in the Halo universe – even the game’s trailer has got the theme confirmed. This could only have one implication – the game would be receiving a battle royale of some sort in its multiplayer. It seems battle royale is becoming more of an attached mode for multiplayer rather than being a separate genre in itself, following the dip in popularity of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and Fortnite (don’t get the wrong idea, they are still popular – just doesn’t compare with the games at their peaks).

Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed the presence of a battle royale mode yet. As always, it’s a rumor till an official confirmation comes through.

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