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EDIT: On being asked about the possible remaster, the official Need for Speed Twitter handle asked not to expect it to come anytime soon – or maybe not at all.

The official Need for Speed Twitter handle asks not to expect the remaster anytime soon.

It has been quite some time since we have got a new Need for Speed game that is near and dear to our heart. The last game I could properly relate to was Need for Speed Most Wanted (the remake). Electronic Arts wants to revisit the good old times when Need for Speed was one of the best racing franchises in the gaming market – and what’s a better way to bring back your old audience than remastering one of the ‘good oldies’? A new rumor suggests that Electronic Arts might be looking into remastering Need for Speed Underground.

The official Need for Speed handle on Twitter has been tweeting an audio clip of Lil Jon’s “Get Low”.

One knows that this track is nothing but the official soundtrack of Need for Speed Underground. If anything, this does mean that Electronic Arts is teasing a remaster of the original game.

One can only guess when more details about the remaster if it exists, will be revealed. EA Play Live is tonight, and more details are likely to be revealed now. I’m certainly hyped for a Criterion-made Underground remaster with upgraded graphics and the original mechanics – considering how close the original game was to my heart.

Until a reveal takes place, keep calm and….wait?

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