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Looks like quite a few companies have been holding out on us – working on projects which haven’t even been hinted at in the past few months. One of the companies that have put up the hiding act pretty well is Ubisoft. Hiding behind the smokescreen of Rainbow Six, whose microtransactions purchases helped them tide through Q4 2019. Apparently, they had been working on a new FPS game which hasn’t seen the hint of a leak till recent times.

According to a leak from Rod ‘Slasher’  Breslau, a prominent esports and gaming consultant and industry insider, the game is a multiplayer fast-paced FPS called Hyper Scape. The game seems to be an entry in the battle royale genre – which is slightly peculiar, considering the fact that the genre’s hype is all but used up. The game, codenamed ‘Prisma Dimensions’, is apparently made by Ubisoft Montreal, who has the previous experience of working on most of the Rainbow Six and Assassin’s Creed games.

The reveal is supposed to happen quite soon, in fact, a teaser is supposed to be given out today. This might mean a full reveal will be scheduled for August during Ubisoft’s digital event.

Keep calm and wait for the reveal.


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