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The second half of 2019 is well underway and we have four months tightly-packed with video games to follow. Whether it’s Gearbox’s highly-anticipated Borderlands 3, Spiders’ intriguing RPG GreedFall, the absolutely stunning looking Gears 5, Doom ‘will always be’ Eternal or Kojima-san’s long ladder simulator Death Stranding, there’s something for everyone. But sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest ‘game-y’ news. After all, we are all normal human beings with an outside world to interact and do busy stuff in. So, the ol’ Noob team decided why not write a featurette every weekend getting you guys up to speed on some of the ‘big’ news that really grabbed our attention over the week, as well as hear our editor Jay ‘JayPay’ Krishnan’s thoughts. Thus, let this mark the beginning of ‘This Week in Video Games: We do it because you won’t have to!’

#1 Blizzard Launches WoW Classic

At a time when the whole industry is turning their backs on MMORPGs due to the financial and resource risk involved, one giant, or shadow of the said giant (depending on who you ask) has the guts and finances to rewind time 15 years ago to launch World of Warcraft: Classic, which restores the 15-year-old (and still going strong) MMORPG to the state it was in before the release of the first expansion. But no need to fret. Players don’t have to be terrified of going back to a more clunky and mechanically demanding version of their favourite game if they choose not to. WoW Classic runs alongside the shiny Battle for Azeroth version. Apparently WoW is so popular that it has a shit-tonne of viewers on Twitch and servers are overloaded half the time. Blizzard, I may not love you anymore but damn this was such a cool move.

#2 CONTROL: Back to Form for Remedy

Remedy has been the uncrowned king of deep, character-driven storylines in games before it was a thing. 2016’s Quantum Break did put a black stain in their portfolio of stellar games including Max Payne and Alan Wake. But goddamn Remedy, you surely outdid yourself this time. CONTROL, the latest game from Remedy just came out last Tuesday and it’s been showered with critical and fan appraisal like everybody’s business. We’re pretty sure it’s gonna nab a few GOTY awards this year. And oh, our own Sailesh ‘Solidus’ Singh did an in-depth review of Control which you can read here.

#3 Dying Light 2 and the Amazing Gameplay Trailer

There are two things I love a lot in video games;

  1. Satisfying melee combat
  2. Chris ‘human stretch-goal’ Avellone

And let me tell you, Dying Light 2 looks like it has both in droves. The long-awaited sequel to one of the best zombie action games of all time, Dying Light 2 is pumping everything the original did to 3000 and is adding some very interesting things that make me get butterflies in my stomach. Joining the high-adrenaline movement and combat of Dying Light 2 is the legendary writing skills of Chris Avellone, famed for his works in Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, KOTOR 2, and New Vegas (and not limited there). As showcased in this new gameplay trailer, I hope to experience a dynamic, choice-driven zombie murdering simulator as soon as possible.


#4 Yakuza: Like a Dragon/ Like a Dragon: Like a Dragon

After showing the Western audience some sweet love with The Yakuza Remastered Collection last week, SEGA has gone ahead and officially announced the next title in the captivating Ryu Ga Gotoku or Yakuza (as it’s known here the West)  series. Officially titled Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Let the Ryu Ga Gotoku: Ryu Ga Gotoku memes commence), the new game will shift perspectives from series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu to the funky looking Ichiban Kasuga, a Tojo clan member trying to fit in the new world after spending 18 years in prison. But, we all know that RGG studio will deliver with the story and characters. It’s the change from the Beat ’em up combat to an action turn-based combat system (yes, you head that right) that has me worried. Yakuza 7 is now more or less an RPG. Literally no one saw this change coming and the reaction has been….divisive to say the least. I get it, after doing around 10 games with the same combat system, RRG will obviously want to try something new. Even though I’m not a big fan of JRPG combat, I’ll reserve my Judgment (a fantastic game and a fantastic pun btw) until the game launches in the West sometime in 2020.

It’s Been 84 Years: Cyberpunk 2077 – Deep Dive Video Released 

Testing the patience of even the most dedicated of fanboys for a year, CD Projekt Red has finally shown the public some new ‘actual gameplay’ from their upcoming RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, the game that no gamer and their grannies can’t stop talking about. The video sheds some information regarding two of the games’ street gangs, multiple playstyles and a fairly short gameplay demo showcasing the gunplay, hand to hand combat, stealth and hacking. I had to watch the video while pushing away screaming old people at the railway station this morning and thus consider myself unqualified to do a full breakdown. Looks good enough for me but I have to ask- What the hell CDPR? What’s up with the budget Johnny Silverhand character model?

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