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Stoic Games’ viking epic The Banner Saga series is set to conclude the trilogy with The Banner Saga 3 next month. However, that doesn’t mean this is that last time we’ll be seeing the unique Nordic world.

Speaking in an interview with DualShockers, Stoic Studio lead designer Matt Rhoades talks more about Banner Saga 3, as well as what the future holds for the game’s setting. When they asked about the prospects of seeing other stories set in The Banner Saga universe, Rhoades explained that the studio has explored DLC as a potential option and that the studio has “definitely talked about wanting to revisit the world,” as the games have had “a lot of world-building” and cited the game’s “very deep history of the world” as a motivation to explore its setting in other ways.
Dualshockers writes, “While Rhoades said that the studio doesn’t have anything specific to announce at this time regarding other games set in the series’ world (or other projects, for that matter), he did state that Stoic overall is “very keen to keep The Banner Saga flame alive and to find other ways to keep telling stories in that world over time,” whether that is in new games or other media.”

The Banner Saga 3 will release for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android on July 26th, 2018.

Credit: Dualshockers

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