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One of the big 4, we got to see a lot more of Spiderman at Sony’s E3 2018 press conference.

The trailer at E3, is et near the Raft (the supervillain prison in the Marvel universe), and from the looks of it features a Yuri Watanabe as your sidekick. The combat in the game seems very much like the Arkham school and I have to say it suits the game. The game also features the various moves you can pull out using his webbings. And like a good comic, the trailer ends with a cliffhanger.


Spiderman developed exclusively for the PS4 by Insomniac (devs behind Sunset Overdrive), we already knew that the game would feature a rebooted version of Peter Parker (already in his adult age) and would feature Negative Man as one of the main protagonists.


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