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Hacker group Rhysida has been on the prowl, affecting systems left and right with their new ransomware. The latest target for the hacker group seems to be the shining gem in Sony’s crown – Insomniac Games. The group had encrypted a lot of developer files as well as PII data from the company with the help of the ransomware. There was a demand of 50 bitcoins (currently valued at almost 2 million dollars) in exchange for not making all of the stolen information public.

It seems time has run out for Sony and Insomniac, as millions of data files stolen from the company have been left online without a trace. The entirety of Insomniac’s development plans for the next few years have been leaked – which includes quite the number of titles. Even some small gameplay clips have been leaked from Marvel’s Wolverine, the hottest Marvel singleplayer game coming up in 2025. The clip can be seen here.

The leak shows off some of the mechanics that the game intended to have. It seems that Logan has some serious firepower in the game, being able to traverse freely in the world with the help of his claws. He even uses a sword to attack some of the ninjas serving the Hand. The game even features other playable characters, including a redhead woman closely resembling Jean Grey (considering the psychic powers which are described on the UI). There are a number of action sequences on a boat as well (likely having some quick-time events attached with them, similar to Marvel’s Spiderman or Marvel’s Spiderman 2).

Considering the barebones look of the game, Marvel’s Wolverine is still very early in development. If the delay caused by the hacker group is factored, it might even delay the release of the game further considering how a lot of progress is lost in the hack.

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