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During their fabulous E3 2018 press briefing, Microsoft officially announced the next game in the Halo franchise: Halo Infinite. The trailer put on the show during the conference was a game engine demo for 343 Industries’ new Slipspace game engine, which will power the said game. Everything you see in the trailer is running in-engine.

Watch the trailer below:


“The Slipspace Engine demo shown at the E3 2018 briefing is the culmination of years of work and is infused with the passion of hundreds of people here at 343 Industries. When we started this project, the team’s vision for the game was ambitious – so much so that we knew we had to build new tech to fully realize our goals for Halo Infinite”, writes Chris Lee, Studio Head, FPS at 343 Industries. “We still have a long way to go until we ship the game, so things will certainly evolve between now and the release of Halo Infinite, though the engine demo is a clear indication of the direction we are heading with our next game and a great snapshot of where our tech is right now”.

Halo Infinite is set after the events of Halo 5 and will focus on the Master Chief. The game will also feature a new art style “that draws significant inspiration from the most iconic and historic parts of the Halo franchise”.

Halo Infinite will launch on Xbox One and PC, however, a release date has not been specified yet. It will probably take them a while to complete the game since it’s early in development. That, and the team will continuously listen to the feedback and evolve the game “to make a great Halo game for [the] fans that also invites new players into [the Halo] franchise”

Chris Lee writes, “We will have some new and unexpected directions to take folks in and I believe the way we achieve that is to build alongside our community, iterating and improving as we go”.

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