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Being called one of the big 4 games to be showcased at the Sony conference is a big deal.

Ghost of Tsushima is a big deal. At their conference, Sony shed more light on the game.

Ghost of Tsushima was the 2nd game to be showcased at the event. Like Last Of Us 2 before it, the game was introduced by a live music introduction.

We got to see some gameplay set in a windy night in Japan. You are accompanied by a horse which can be called via whistle (think Roach from Witcher 3). The trailer showcases you rescuing a friend from a bevvy of enemies. You are able to pounce on them and chain up attacks like Arkham Knight (but way more brutal). The rescue operation leads into a boss battle where you face off against one of your friends, while the Mongul approach (how calming). The trailer shows off the various stances and moves you can pull off and looks pretty sweet overall. Check it out below:

Developed by Sucker Punch Studios (the studio behind inFamous Second Son),

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