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The gaming industry has been shattered by rumors for a long time. One of the most prominent leaks was for The Last of Us 2 – where the entire story had been leaked prior to its release. Gameplay clips (with subtle spoilers) were leaked as well – prompting Sony to try and stomp out leaks about other first-party exclusives. Despite Sony’s best attempts, the rumor train keeps on rolling – this time targeting Bloodborne.

Quite a few industry insiders have suggested that a PC port of the game is in the works. We had seen a leak from 4chan in the past which suggested the same, though the authenticity of the leak was judged because the poster could not back it up. However, of recent, quite a few people have suggested that they have heard about a PC port – user Sloth Mom is one of them.

The leak suggests that a remaster of Bloodborne was scheduled to be announced for the PlayStation 5 and the PC at the now-canceled PlayStation digital event. No release date has been hinted at, as of yet – though it has been mentioned that the developer handling the remaster “would not disappoint”.

If this does not seem legit, it surely will when prominent industry insiders point out the same. Wario64 seems to think that the leaks are legit, saying that users can stream the game on PC with PS Now, or “wait a little longer”. The cryptic ending to the sentence indicates that the port would be announced sometime in the future – though it isn’t clear when this announcement is scheduled to take place.

Sony’s first-party exclusives coming to PC would certainly annoy a lot of console owners, who weren’t happy when Guerilla Games announced a PC port for Horizon Zero Dawn. A Bloodborne port wouldn’t go down well with these people, that’s for sure.

Like all rumors, take this with a pinch of salt and wait for the PlayStation digital event for an official confirmation (which is also rumored to take place next week).

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