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The cancellation of the Playstation digital event hasn’t gone down well with a lot of people. Many people have been looking forward to experiencing something good for a change. We’ve been locked inside our houses for quite some time thanks to a deadly virus doing the rounds. Sony had even come out with a statement stating their support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and saying that they wanted to “stand back” and “let more important voices be heard”. However, a new leak has popped up – suggesting the new date for the digital event.

Playstation event delayed by one week?

According to the leak, the Playstation reveal event has been postponed to 12th June – almost a week after the original date. The leak comes from 4chan – which has a mixed reputation about leaks in the gaming industry – quite a few 4chan leaks have come true, while other rumors peddled lies or half-truths. Apparently, leading gaming media outlets have already been informed about the decision – and they have been allowed to share the information following a brief embargo. Considering the current condition of the protests, it doesn’t seem that a digital event can be held that soon – but it’s still difficult to predict considering Sony’s eagerness to push for the event to prevent further leaks (especially about first-party exclusives). Delays certainly destroy the hype – and Sony cannot afford to make that happen considering the lineup they have for the event.

Sony hasn’t made an official comment on the new date for the event yet. Keep following their socials for an update on the new date for the event.

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