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Season 9 of PUBG is on us, mortals! Even though the season is listed to last for 2 months, developers PUBG Corporation is planning to bring in the big guns to keep all the battle-hardened fighters on their feet. The new map that is being teased is Paramo (Peru), PUBG’s first dynamic map – set in a ‘mysterious and treacherous plateau’, and home to untold secrets and an active volcano.

What kind of dynamism can you expect from this map? This small-scale map will challenge the status-quo by having randomized lava flows and locations every time you drop into the battlefield. We are still not clear if all this is being done by procedural generation. Instead of the aeroplane, you will be now hotdropping from choppers. Helicopters will also be in charge of dropping care packages – and if you are impatient, you can even shoot the package to make it land where you want.

There are two passes this time around – the first being a traditional pass that will give you access to exclusive rewards and cosmetics. Since this season is shorter, the developers have modified it accordingly to accommodate long-term players. The second pass will drop after some time and will be focused on an infamous PUBG character.

PUBG got its first official lore back in July 2019 – starting from the lone survivor at Erangel to the tragedy at Dinoland, the developers have been adding more background to flesh out the story. They have launched an official lore website, and fans can expect more in-universe information in the next few days. Season 9 will drop on October 21 for PC, and October 29 for consoles. The information has been sourced from a preview blogpost on their official website. Last season, we covered the remaster of Sanhok and the milestone of 70 million copies being sold on the PC – what new info will this season bring?

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