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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has come a long way on the PC and console platform – between its phenomenal Early Access launch in March 2017 and the upcoming Season 8 debut on July 22 this year, PUBG has sold more than 70 million copies across PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Even with rising competition from F2P battle royales like Epic’s Fortnite, Respawn’s Apex Legends, Infinity Ward’s Warzone, and Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape, the Korean PUBG Corporation is holding its own!


PUBG Season 8 is coming to the scene with exciting new changes to the current meta. Fans will be greeted by an entirely new Sanhok with visual facelifts and location reworks. The small 16-member team at PUBG Madison (Wisconsin) has carefully studied heatmap data from thousands of matches and created new locations in the place of some of Sanhok’s ignored zones.

The biggest addition to the map are the loot trucks aka mobile care packages. The AI-driven armored behemoth is like a moving target for players – if you manage to take it down, it offers level 3 gear, all pre-equipped with attachments, enough for an entire squad. But be careful – the hunter might become the hunted! Other teams might ambush you in your quest for loot and your dreams of a chicken dinner can get shattered! The new season comes with a new survivor pass – Payback, with over 100 new skins. Check out their patch notes in detail here.

The game’s F2P mobile port on Android and iOS is faring even better – as of March 2020, it had 600 million downloads, boasted of more than 50 million daily active users (excluding China) and surpassed the PC and console versions in terms of overall revenue. The mobile version is currently on Season 14 called ‘Spark the Flame’ and offers a royale pass costing 600 UC that includes new cosmetic items and in-game currency. PUBG Mobile also has an exclusive 2 sq. km. map called Livik – a Nordic island with map-exclusive gear and vehicles.

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