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Each season of the new revamped Call Of Duty franchise is vying to be bigger and better than the previous! Season Four: Reloaded arrives with a host of new stuff that will keep you glued to the game!

There is a limited-time 200 player mode for Warzone in Battle Royale Quads. New Supply Run Contracts now offer players a discount at the Buy Station if they reach it within the time limit. The Gulag now has a “just fists and a throwing knife” loadout, along with several new ones with semi-auto rifles and snipers!

A Juggernaut Royale mode where the heavy suit is airdropped into the map, and whoever is lucky to snag it can immediately use it – if they die and are sent to the Gulag, a new suit will drop for the remaining players alive.

In the multiplayer section, fans get access to a new map, Cheshire Park, set in urban London. The Team Defender mode returns, where players earn points by capturing a single flag and holding onto it, or downing a carrier running away with one.

Another addition is to the weapon list – the Rytec AMR sniper rifle, touted to be one of the deadliest semi-auto rifles in the game. The gun is can be unlocked by completing in-game challenges or with a blueprint in the Lost Souls bundle. There is a new Spotter Scope (without the glint!) for effective stealth scouting if you choose to go all sneaky-beaky. A new operator, Roze has also been introduced to the game.

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The update also includes a patch that fundamentally tweaks the weapon meta with buffs and nerfs (bad news for the ones with Grau 5.56 or MP5 in their loadout!), and a bucketload of bug fixes.

Call of Duty Season Four: Reloaded is out today on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Game owners can expect a download size of 22-36 GB, while F2P Warzone players will need to download 22-30 GB. Console owners will have a mandatory secondary download of 3.5 GB.

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