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Forts, a physics-based RTS from EarthWork Games where foes design and build custom bases, arm them to the teeth, and blast their opponents’ creations into rubble, will release for Windows via Steam on April 19.

Players enlist the help of one of nine powerful commanders, using passive and dynamic abilities to shift battles in their favor as they build and launch attacks. Each commander offers distinct advantages, encouraging designers to explore varied playstyles.

Build any style of fort from a pool of materials including armor, weapons and defensive units while advancing tech trees. Structures can collapse from an enemy assault or if the base’s design ignores the laws of physics.
Competitive players can face up to 7 rivals in online multiplayer, leading their own fort in Team Deathmatch or sharing full control of multiple bases in Co-op Multiplayer. A 28-mission single player campaign follows Earth’s final battle for resources between the three remaining world superpowers. One-off bouts against AI forces can also be found in Skirmish matches. With a map editor and full mod support, Forts’ boundaries are nearly limitless.
 “Forts combines thrilling action with strategic thinking that requires balance between offense and defense with resource collection to fund expansions or all out assaults,” said Tim Auld, founder of EarthWork Games. “It’s an exhilarating juggle that encourages creative experimentation.”
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