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So, Google is having its “Made By Google” live announcement as we speak. While the event is filled with information about everything Google (including the latest Pixel phone), they also announced when Google Stadia will be launching. Google Stadia, the game streaming service will be launching on 19th November 2019.


Readers will remember that Google Stadia opened pre-order for Stadia’s Founder Edition a few months ago. For most of those orders, the status always showed as arriving in November, with the release date now finalized, we wonder when the Founder’s kit will arrive. Plus, it should be kept in mind, that until 2020, only people with the Founder’s Edition will be able to play/use games on Google Stadia. In Jan 2020, Stadia will open to the general public with Stadia Base a free offering, while Stadia Pro will offer the service with 4K capabilites and free games regularly.

Stadia breaks new ground in how people play games. Untying platform and hardware and fusing it with a streaming solution. We here at IndianNoob, are really excited for the service, what about you. Let us know in the comments.

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