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When Nier: Automata was first unveiled, it was a PS4 exclusive and then later on was also announced for Steam, making it a non-exclusive (Technically). It seems that people are wanting Square Enix to port the game who’s predecessor was on the predecessor of Xbox One.

It’s no surprise that people want the game considering it’s quality and the fact that this game has been carried a lot based on word of mouth alone (Yeah I can’t shut up about the game that is my personal GOTY). I am not sure what kind of exclusivity deal Sony and Square have, but if it’s only promotional and not platform exclusive, then the only thing holding back Square from releasing the game on Xbox One are the potential sales and profits in which case, getting enough signatures would probably be enough to port it to Xbox One just like Dark Souls was brought to PC.

However I am not sure the creator of the petition makes a convincing argument for bringing the game on the platform. You can have a look at the petition HERE. What are your thoughts? I doubt that it’ll come to Xbox One if Square has a deal with Sony, but let’s hope for the best and hope it comes to Xbox One so that more people are able to appreciate it.

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