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Timeslip Softworks today announced Prometheus Wept,a tactical RPG set in a near-future, post technology Earth. Prometheus Wept is the studio’s third project after Deadstone and Vigilantes and will be a party and turn-based RPG. he game offers hardcore squad-level combat, meaningful choices, deep character progression and an advanced crafting system.

Prometheus Wept is a party and action point turn based RPG set in a near-future, post technology Earth. The game offers hardcore squad-level combat, meaningful choices, deep character progression and an advanced crafting system.
Imagine a near-future earth in which technology has become more integrated and essential to daily life. Imagine the sudden corruption of all this technology, in less than a day, by an incredibly potent virus, which affects everything from the smart kettle in your home to automated agriculture and transport systems. Imagine generations of chaos, widespread loss of life, technical understanding, and the fragmenting of nations into insular city states.

You will assume the role of a wandering Classical Technologist surviving among the splintered remnants of humanity, searching for and attempting to restore the technological relics of humanity’s golden age.

Key Features

  • Turn (AP) and Party Based Tactical Combat: battle it out with a variety of melee, ranged and explosive weapons, with aimed and special attacks, powerful perk-based abilities, attacks of opportunity and more.
  • Use The Environment To Your Advantage: Destroy cover to leave enemies exposed, use a variety of environmental objects against your foes, and exploit interactions between the primal forces of fire, water and electricity to your advantage.
  • Deep Character Progression: Build your team using the ADAPTED character system, which comprises 7 stats, 17 skills and a huge variety of perks. Throughout the game, you will meet and ally with exceptional individuals, each with their own unique set of perks.
  • Meaningful Choices, Little and Large: Will you pay an odd, roadside priest for a blessing or ignore him? Will you help overthrow a questionable oligarchy, or cement their position against growing unrest? After all, in the post virus world, civilized is a relative term.
  • Deep Crafting System: Create a large variety of weapons, armour, explosives, gadgets, combat stims and medical supplies. The quality of the crafted item is determined by the quality of the blueprints you possess, your crafting skill and the quality of the components used.

With the Steam page set up, the next step from the developers will be to work towards creating a demo. The intention is to release a development blog/video roughly every 4-6 weeks, to share progress.

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  1. Thanks very much for posting the news, Jay. It’s quite early in development, but if you or any of your readers have any questions, I’d be happy to answer!

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